The Clean Program – Day 1

And so it begins.  21 days on The Clean program starts now.  As I type this, I’m sipping on my first shake.  And I must say… It’s pretty delicious.  I fancied it up of course and added a ton of frozen veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts and coconut milk.  YUM!


The Clean Program is a 21 day cleanse that includes a shake for breakfast, real food for lunch (and snacks), a shake for dinner and a series of supplements throughout the day.  I’ve searched far and wide for a “Zinc Nutrition approved” cleanse so I hope there’s a happy ending.  I typically don’t recommend cleanses because they restrict food or they’re high in sugar (eh em… I’m calling you out juice cleanse).  But The Clean Program is different.

The Clean Program uses a combination of REAL FOOD and carefully selected supplements that support your body’s detox path way.  The supplements make your body purge toxins and strengthen your digestive system.  A proper supplement regimen is missing from 99% of cleanses on the market.  Most cleanses just starve you to death.  This one encourages you to enjoy real food AND detox at the same time.  Kind of perfect huh?!


When it comes to health, food is step one and the most important step for sure.  But you can’t reach your full health potential until you illuminate toxins that build up over time.  And the only way to do that is a hard core cleanse.


Toxins are pesky little suckers.  They are literally poisonous.  Not the type of poison that makes you violently ill upon contact.  It’s the type of poison that will kill you over time.  Toxins invade your body on a cellular level which cause many many many many (many) problems.  I will try to keep it simple here and avoid a physiology class, but here’s the nutshell:

A group of cells form tissue

A group of tissue make an organ

A group of organs create an organism

The human body is one giant organism

So think about it…

If your cells are high jacked by toxins

Your tissues will not grow right

Then your organs will malfunction

And your whole system is at risk

Cue:  DETOX.  Get that sh*t OUT!


If you’re interested in trying out The Clean Program here’s a discount code for $40.00 off:

Coupon Code:  ZincNutrition

Stay tuned for more updates as I complete the 21 day problem.  In the mean time…. I’ll be over here getting my shake on.

In Health and Happiness,