Eat Butter Feel Better

Eat more butter.  I repeat… Eat more butter!

I’m not saying any old butter.  I’m talking about the REAL stuff, made with raw heavy cream from organic grass fed cows.  Real butter is nature’s perfect cooking fat.  It’s extremely stable under heat and it’s full of heart healthy vitamins and well balanced “good fats.”

Did you know the average person used to consume about 19 lbs of (real) butter per year?  Now, the average person is lucky to have a few tablespoons per year (most likely hidden in Grandma’s famous pecan pie and layered with sugar so it’s null and void).  How crazy is that?!  Butter has almost disappeared from our diet.  And guess what started to increase at the exact same time that butter consumption decreased?

Answer:  Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and much more.  Think about it… We stopped eating butter and we got VERY sick.

I’m not going to over simplify things and claim that the decrease in butter consumption is the ONLY thing that made us sick (I’m looking at you sugar) but it certainly did NOT help.

I know what you’re thinking:  “Isn’t butter bad for your heart?” or “Isn’t butter fattening?”

NO!  Not when it comes from organic grass fed cows and minimally processed.  As with any animal product, the nutritional benefits depend on the content of the animal’s diet.  Butter from grain fed cows does not have the same nutritional benefits as butter from grass fed cows.  Plus, highly processed butter has all of the healthy nutrients stripped away.  Unfortunately, our food system doesn’t distinguish the two and real butter has a bad wrap because of all of the fakes out there.

Nutrition lesson of the day:

  1. When it comes to cooking, butter is the best! First of all, it’s delicious.  Second, it won’t break down under heat and pressure.  Meaning, the fat molecule wont turn into a harmful chemical bond.  Unstable fat such as vegetable oil, seed oil and olive oil breaks under heat and it turns into a substance that can cause inflammation which is the root cause of most disease.
  2. Butter from grass fed cows is a wonderful source of vitamins. There are two types of vitamins, water soluble and fat soluble. Both are essential for a healthy life.  Fat soluble vitamins are stored in lipids (fat).  They are A, D, E and K.  Four VERY important vitamins that prevent disease.  One of the best food sources of fat soluble vitamins is animal fat… aka butter.
  3. There are many factors that classify a “good fat.” But one of the most important is omega balance.  The human body requires a delicate fatty acid ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 somewhere between 1:1 – 1:4. Problem is; we don’t produce these fatty acids on our own so we have to eat them in proper amounts so our body is balanced.  Most food is either high in omega 3 OR high in omega 6 which makes it hard to stay balanced.  The average person is somewhere around 1:20, YIKES!  Chronic pain, hormone imbalance, mood disorders, and many more are all symptoms of omega imbalance.  The goal is to eat balanced fat … aka butter.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) convinced you that butter is not the devil.  Let me tell you about my favorite kind of butter.

It’s called GHEE.  Isn’t it the cutest word?  Ghee is clarified butter which means the milk solids have been removed.  Some people might not be able to digest the milk solids in butter so ghee is a perfect alternative.  It’s basically pure good fat.  Jam PACKED with vitamin A, D, E, K, it’s fatty acids are beautifully balanced and you can heat at no risk.

My favorite brand of ghee is called Fourth & Heart.  They have a variety of fun flavors like white truffle, vanilla bean, California garlic and pink sea salt.


You can purchase all of their products here.

Now go eat more butter!  I repeat…. Eat more butter!