Fancy Ferments

Fermented food is all the rage right now. With good reason… Fermented foods are jam packed with beneficial bacteria that keep you happy and healthy. I 100% recommend eating fermented food on a daily basis. It can improve the health of your digestive system therefore improve overall health. Fermented food is magical. Often times it’s the missing link in a healthy diet.

However, artisan ferments like sauerkraut and non-dairy probiotic yogurt are crazy expensive. Health food stores are stocking their shelves with $24 yogurt and $10 sauerkraut, which is totally outrageous! These foods are made with simple inexpensive ingredients that you can easily make at home.

Here is an easy peasy sauerkraut recipe. Save your money and try this at home.

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Skin Food

Skin problems are the most common thing I see in practice.  Almost everyone has some kind of skin issue, myself included.  I used to have painfully dry flaky skin.  One doctor diagnosed psoriasis, another diagnosed eczema, one said dermatitis.  Whatever…. My skin was JACKED.  But it all went away when I cleaned up my diet and started using non-toxic, organic, au naturel skin care.  Do you experience acne, dry skin or premature aging?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  You can change it by removing fake food and fake skin care products.  The secret to beautiful, clear, glowing skin is the food you put in your body and on your body.


Rule: Read skin care labels just like food labels. If it’s full of chemicals, additives, dies, perfume, and weird words that you can’t pronounce… ditch it.   Make sure it’s a short list of ingredients that feature words like extract, leaf juice, oil, butter, and wax. It should resemble salad dressing or cooking fat.

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Eat Butter Feel Better

Eat more butter.  I repeat… Eat more butter!

I’m not saying any old butter.  I’m talking about the REAL stuff, made with raw heavy cream from organic grass fed cows.  Real butter is nature’s perfect cooking fat.  It’s extremely stable under heat and it’s full of heart healthy vitamins and well balanced “good fats.”

Did you know the average person used to consume about 19 lbs of (real) butter per year?  Now, the average person is lucky to have a few tablespoons per year (most likely hidden in Grandma’s famous pecan pie and layered with sugar so it’s null and void).  How crazy is that?!  Butter has almost disappeared from our diet.  And guess what started to increase at the exact same time that butter consumption decreased?

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The Clean Program – Day 1

And so it begins.  21 days on The Clean program starts now.  As I type this, I’m sipping on my first shake.  And I must say… It’s pretty delicious.  I fancied it up of course and added a ton of frozen veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts and coconut milk.  YUM!


The Clean Program is a 21 day cleanse that includes a shake for breakfast, real food for lunch (and snacks), a shake for dinner and a series of supplements throughout the day.  I’ve searched far and wide for a “Zinc Nutrition approved” cleanse so I hope there’s a happy ending.  I typically don’t recommend cleanses because they restrict food or they’re high in sugar (eh em… I’m calling you out juice cleanse).  But The Clean Program is different.

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Super Food Waffles

Waffles are definitely a super food in my opinion!  Especially when they’re made with super stars like maca, flax, chia and zucchini.  Do yourself a favor and purchase a small inexpensive waffle iron and start makin magic.  It’s way easier than pancakes because you don’t have to worry about flipping / falling apart / blah blah blah.  Just let the waffle iron do it’s thing and you will end up with a big stack of super food goodness.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

This is my favorite recipe of all time.  What’s better than a giant stack of cakes dripping with butter?!… How about a HEALTHY giant stack of cakes dripping with organic grass fed butter!  That’s right, this recipe is made with 100% real food.  No grains, dairy, sugar, or weird powders.  Simply whole food at it’s best.

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Why I Started Zinc Nutrition

Because I want to inspire you to take control of your health.  Health is happiness which everyone deserves.  Through personal experience, study, and professional observation I have gathered a wealth of knowledge about nutrition that I feel obligated to share.  I truly believe that I was put on this earth to help others find health so this blog is simply another way to reach you.

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