Super Food Waffles

Waffles are definitely a super food in my opinion!  Especially when they’re made with super stars like maca, flax, chia and zucchini.  Do yourself a favor and purchase a small inexpensive waffle iron and start makin magic.  It’s way easier than pancakes because you don’t have to worry about flipping / falling apart / blah blah blah.  Just let the waffle iron do it’s thing and you will end up with a big stack of super food goodness.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

This is my favorite recipe of all time.  What’s better than a giant stack of cakes dripping with butter?!… How about a HEALTHY giant stack of cakes dripping with organic grass fed butter!  That’s right, this recipe is made with 100% real food.  No grains, dairy, sugar, or weird powders.  Simply whole food at it’s best.

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