In addition to Nutritional Therapy I teach small group classes called The Foundations.

It’s a five week program based on the five foundations of healthy eating and drinking featured in my E-Book, The Foundations.

What’s Included:

5 Week Class:

Meet once a week for 1 hour at a private location, or virtually in the comfort of your own home

Guided “Kitchen Clean Out”:

Learn how to apply the foundations and stock your kitchen with whole nourishing foods

Weekly Handouts and Lecture

Based on the foundational theme of the week

Group Support

Everything is easier with a support system.

What you’ll learn:

Week 1: Foundation 1, Think Ahead


Week 2:  Foundation 2, Eat Properly Prepared Whole Foods


Week 3:  Foundation 3, Eat Healing Foods Every Day


Week 4:  Foundation 4, Eat the Majority of Your Meals at Home


Week 5:  Foundation 5, Drink Well

Next Class:

April 7th, 2018

Every Saturday, TIME:  TBD

Location:  ANYWHERE!


Email me to sign up for the next class!

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